Career as Tea Estate Manager

  • Early Salary : 2 - 3 L
  • Mid Level Salary : 7 - 8 L
  • Senior Salary : 14 - 18 L
  • Education level :
  • Category : Sciences

What is Tea Estate Manager?


A tea estate manager is a one-point contact for everyone involved with a tea garden. Staying in the tea garden, he has to look after each and everything taking place there. With the help of junior assistants and assistant managers, depending on the requirement of the garden, he has to supervise plantation work, from planting to plucking, processing to packing and transport of tea to auction houses.

What are the steps i should take?

Skills Needed
  • Knowledge of the tea market
  • Knowledge of labour laws
  • Ability to communicate with labourers and workers
  • Have sound leadership qualities
  • Presence of mind, quick thinking, courage to face and settle labour disputes
  • Fair knowledge of the topography of tea estates
Job Aspects How do I get there?

One can get into a tea estate after graduation and pick up skills while working in a tea garden. However, these days, a degree in agricultural science or a BSc in botany, food sciences, horticulture or allied fields is preferred. Candidates who have specialised in business management or marketing are recruited for marketing jobs. Then there are many institutes that give training in tea management. There, one can learn about tea production, processing, finance, marketing and sales.

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