Radio Jockey

  • Early Salary : 1 - 2 L
  • Mid Level Salary : 6 - 7 L
  • Senior Salary : 12 - 14 L
  • Education level :
  • Category : Media, Films & Journalism

What is Radio Jockey?


Indian Radio industry is one of the most popular industries. There are various radio channels we tune into daily and listen to our favourite programmes. Various RJs welcome us every day and entertain us and talk to us. As per a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report, the radio sector is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% during 2009-13. The radio advertising industry is expected to witness an increase of 5.2% growth during 2009-13 from present 3.8% and the profession of an RJ will witness a tremendous boost. Hence, this is best time to be in Indian FM Radio Industry. If you have what it takes to be a good RJ, then the world can be your stage.

Typical work schedule
An RJ works for eight to ten hours a day but the schedule can go haywire anytime. There’s no strict adherence to time. A breakfast presenter starts work from 6am, come hail/storm/rain. An average day of an RJ:
6.30am: Head to the workplace
11am: Show ends. Have breakfast/brunch
12.30pm: Plan for next day’s show
1pm: Production/scripting/ preparation
1.30pm: Lunch
2pm: Do interviews 
3pm: Do extra production work
4pm: Leave for home

What are the steps i should take?

Skills Needed
  • Creative bent of mind
  • Focused approach
  • One needs to be adaptable
  • Sense of humour is a must
  • General knowledge and awareness
  • Confidence and positive attitude
Job Aspects How do I get there?

There is no specific academic path to become an RJ but graduation is mandatory. However you can opt for a diploma or a postgraduation degree in mass communication. Also, several courses are available which can help you pick up the skills and get better understanding of the profession and its technicalities. Qualifications may be useful but skills and passion count for more in this profession.

Pros about this career
    • Fame and praise guaranteed • Great scope for progress and growth
Cons about this career
    • Low investments but high returns • Not paid as much as TV artists • Less time for family and friends

Colleges for admission

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