• What is B. Ed?

    B. Ed course is a 2-year undergraduate course for candidates interested in pursuing a career in the noble profession of teaching. The undergraduate course was earlier known as the Bachelor of Training or BT programme. The curriculum of the course depends on the Bachelor’s degree completed by candidates undergoing the B. Ed programme. Students from Arts stream can get training for teaching subjects like History and Geography while candidates from the Science stream are trained to teach subjects like Biology and Mathematics.

    B. Ed course is regulated by the National Council for Teacher Education a.k.a. NCTE in India. B. Ed course is mandatory to advance a career in secondary and higher secondary school teaching.

    Skill Sets Required for B. Ed

    Candidates aspiring to pursue a teaching career are required to have good communication skills and the ability to further learn and brush up their teaching skills. A positive attitude is also necessary for B. Ed course aspirants. However, most of all, it is the urge to teach candidates with all the relevant knowledge and skills that they will help them in advancing their careers.

    Skills required for successfully pursuing Bachelor’s of Education programme are enumerated as follows:


    Effective Communication

    Learning Attitude

    Positive Thinking


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  • A 'need to read' review 4
    By Anonymous 8 months, 1 week ago
    Canteen is really good. Faculty is excellent. Crowd is satisfactory. Societies are very engaging. Fests are well managed. Infrastructure is fine. Placements can be improved and can be worked upon. ...
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    Canteen is really good. Faculty is excellent. Crowd is satisfactory. Societies are very engaging. Fests are well managed. Infrastructure is fine. Placements can be improved and can be worked upon. Better than most of the South campus colleges and has all the basic Necessities required.
  • Best college, best crowd and the best infrastructure 5
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    It is the best college. The college is near perfect. The college crowd is amazing. The teachers are amazing. The faculty is highly qualified and well-educated. The campus is great. The campus surro...
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    It is the best college. The college is near perfect. The college crowd is amazing. The teachers are amazing. The faculty is highly qualified and well-educated. The campus is great. The campus surroundings are amazing and fantastic the campus accessibility is also good.
  • B.Ed Eligibility Criteria

    Candidates looking to pursue a B. Ed course need to have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Commerce stream. Depending on the kind of Bachelor degree, B. Ed aspirants need to choose major subjects during the course curriculum that they wish to teach after the completion of the programme. The full eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Education programme are summed up as follows:

    The aspirant must complete a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Commerce or Science stream with at least 55% (50% for non-General candidates) marks in aggregate


    The applicant must complete a Master’s degree in Arts, Commerce, or Science stream with at least 50% (45% for non-General candidates) marks in aggregate.

    The candidate should be an Indian citizen

  • B.Ed Specializations

    B.Ed in Accounts

    The subject, also known as Accounting or Accountancy, deals with the measurement and processing of financial information about organisations, ranging from the governmental organisations to MNCs. The subject deals with various techniques and tools required for processing financial information related to a specific organisation. The curriculum of the subject has some slight differences across different education boards.

    B.Ed in Arabic

    Introduced to the world by Arabs of the Iron Age Northwestern Arabia, Arabic is the lingua franca of the modern Arab world. The subject deals with the grammar, structure, conventions and rules used in the spoken as well as written format of the language. Moreover, the subject digs deeper into the literature related to the language, including articles and poetry.

    B.Ed in Biological Sciences

    Study of all living things and various life processes happening inside them is known as Biological Sciences. The wide avenue of biological sciences includes various specialised subjects, such as Cell Biology and Ecology. Moreover, the subject equips students with various techniques and tools used to assess, manage and understand the biological systems of living things.

    B.Ed in Business Studies

    Belonging to the social sciences, Business Studies is an introductory subject that encompasses many specialised subjects related to Commerce. This includes Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Organisational Studies among others.

    B.Ed in Child Development

    The process of a human being evolving from the birth to the end of the adolescence period is covered under the child development course. The subject deals with various biological, emotional and psychological changes that happen during the transformation of a child into an adolescent.

    B.Ed in Computer Science

    The study of the engineering, experimentation and theory related to the design and use of computers is known as Computer Science. It is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, and mechanisation of various methodological procedures used in computing. The course provides introductory knowledge of distinct computer subjects, such as computational complexity theory, computer graphics, computer programming and data organisation.

    B.Ed in Economics

    The social science related to analysis and description of the consumption, distribution and production of various goods and services is termed as Economics. The course provides knowledge of the behaviour and interactions involved in different forms of economies. The entire concept is divided into two types, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. While the former is related to examining the behaviour, interaction and outcome of various basic elements of the economy, the latter delves into analysing the entire economy and all the issues related to it. Economics at the school education level provides basic concepts related to both of its sub-fields.

    B.Ed in Education of Handicapped

    The primary aim of the B. Ed course in Education of Handicapped is to produce sound teachers to provide education to handicapped students. Aspirants undergoing the course are taught ways to develop and maintain a compassionate relationship with the special children.

    B.Ed in English

    Understanding all the important aspects of the most widely used language in the world forms the basis of teaching English as a subject. As a course, it deals with the grammar, structure, pattern and dialects related to the language. The course also acquaints students with the literature associated with the language.

    B.Ed in Geography

    The study of various features of the Earth like the atmosphere and its effect on human activity and vice-versa, distribution of resources and populaces, undergoing economic and political activities is known as Geography. The name of the subject taught during B. Ed course is named after the Greek word “Geographia” that translates to Earth description.

    B.Ed in Home Science

    Developed with the aim to improve the living standard, Home Science deals with various aspects related to home and its environment. The course educates aspirants about using scientific methodologies to optimise the use of resources available in a specific household. Home Science integrates aspects of other sciences and humanities to enhance the household environment, nutrition and child development. Home Science also deals with the effect of members of a home in the home environment and vice-versa.

    B.Ed in Information Technology

    Information Technology, also known as IT, is the study of the design, development, implementation, management and support of computer-based information system. The course provides the knowledge about the use of computer software and electronic computers to convert, process, protect, securely retrieve, store and transmit information. In contrast to computer science, information technology restricts hardware education to only information systems.

    B.Ed in Malayalam

    Designated as one of the most important classical Indian languages, Malayalam is a Dravidian language spoken majorly in the Indian state of Kerala. It is enlisted among the 22 scheduled languages of India. Malayalam as a subject deals with the grammar, structure and conventions related to the written and spoken forms of the language as well as the primary literature related to it, such as poetry and essay.

    B.Ed in Mathematics

    The abstract science, that deals with the concepts of number, space and quantity, is known as Mathematics, a.k.a. Maths. The subject is broadly divided into two parts, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. While the former is related to the abstract concepts of Mathematics, the latter deals with the application of the abstract mathematical concepts to various fields of Science and Engineering. Mathematics taught at the school education level equips students with all the basic concepts of this fundamental science.

    B.Ed in Natural Science

    The branch of Science that deals with the description, prediction and understanding of various natural phenomena is known as Natural Science. The Science is based on the empirical and observational evidence. Natural science is classified in two separate sciences, Life Science or Biological Science and Physical Science. The further classification of these two sciences is termed as fields or areas of study.

    B.Ed in Physical Science

    The organised study of the all the inorganic things present in the world is termed as Physical Science. Physical Science is broadly divided into four parts, Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics.

    B.Ed in Sanskrit

    Celebrated as the lingua franca of ancient and medieval India and Nepal, Sanskrit is the liturgical language of Hinduism. It is famous to be one of the most extensive languages in the world. The subject deals with various aspects of Sanskrit language, ranging from structure to grammar. Popular literature associated with the language also forms a part of the subject curriculum.

    Social Science

    Related to the society and relationships among the individuals of society, Social Science contains introductory knowledge to various sub-fields, including Anthropology, Archaeology Economics, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. There are two primary forms of social scientists, positivist and interpretivist. While the former uses natural science tools for developing a better understanding of the society, the latter use social critique and symbolic interpretation.

    B.Ed in Special Education

    This B. Ed course specialisation deals with the education imparted to students with special educational needs because of certain problems. Aspirants are acquainted with all the necessary tools and techniques required to make the teaching process efficient for special students.

    B.Ed in Special Education - Learning Disability

    The specialised B. Ed course is designed to prepare teachers that can efficiently impart education to students suffering from some form of learning disability.

    B.Ed in Special Education - Locomotors and Neurological Disorder

    In order to provide the required way of teaching for students suffering from the locomotive and neurological disorders, B. Ed course in Special Education - Locomotor and Neurological Disorder is provided.

    B.Ed in Special Education - Mental Retardation

    For students who suffer from some form of mental retardation, B. Ed course in Special Education - Mental Retardation is available for producing teachers capable of carrying out the noble task.

    B.Ed in Special Education - Visual Impaired

    B. Ed course in Special Education - Visual Impaired is designed for candidates who wish to educate students suffering from some kind of visual impairments. The course educates the aspirants in all the necessary tools and techniques of teaching in addition to providing means for imparting efficient education to special children.

    B.Ed in Vocational

    The format of education that prepares aspirants to work in conjunction to gain knowledge about all the tools, skills and techniques required for accomplishing the work is known as Vocational Education. Popular vocational professions encompass Accountancy, Architecture, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine and Law. Candidates undertaken B. Ed course in Vocational Education are trained in all the teaching tools and techniques required to impart efficient vocational education to aspirants. 

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