Distance BBA Course Overview

  • What is Distance BBA?

    What is Distance BBA?

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) through distance education is a three-year bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration. The Distance BBA in India is a course designed to capitalise upon and impart students with fundamental knowledge of different principles of business management and administration.

    Distance BBA Overview

    A distance learning BBA program is specifically designed in a manner to offer in-depth management knowledge and training to a student. This is beneficial in creating a distinct place for him/her in a small or large organisation. A distance course in Bachelor of Business Administration lays down the concrete foundation in core business disciplines. It trains students to acquire a strong knowledge of the fundamentals and functional aspects of a company.  

    Distance BBA in India exposes a student to various subjects, which are essential to ensure a student specialised in a specific academic area acquires managerial, communication and business oriented decision-making skills. Most of the distance Bachelor of Business Administration programs in the country incorporate practical experience in form of training, case studies, projects, internships, presentations and industrials visits to foster interaction with industry experts.  

    There has been an appreciable rise in the number of applicants for BBA admissions over the last few years. This persistent rise suggests there is a growing demand for Business Administration graduates in India. BBA’s are in demand right from the private sector to public sector organisations. The demand and need for professionals with a BBA degree is growing and the ones with a degree through distance learning are equally welcome.

    A BBA degree from one of the top distance education universities in India makes students eligible for various job profiles. Distance BBA in India ensures students are prepared to kick-start their career at the executive level in the fields of Human Resource or Finance. With consistent effort, quick learning and hard work, individual with a BBA degree can rise up the hierarchy ladder more quickly in an organisation’s corporate structure.

    BBA Programme Through Distance Learning  

    BBA through correspondence course is where students are not attending regular classes, yet they continue their studies. The BBA course content, duration, examination and degree awarded are however same as applicable to students pursuing BBA through the regular course. Since the BBA distance learning programme is designed to meet the learning need of those students who cannot attend classes, it is an end-to-end programme packed with offline and online features that empower students to gain maximum knowledge in core business disciplines.

    Distance BBA in India is thus ideal for, self-motivated and highly disciplined students who prefer independent and flexible learning environment and do not intend to be enclosed in a classroom atmosphere. 

    Skill required for admission in BBA

    BBA through distance learning in India is a three-year programme, which is completed over a duration of six semesters. Students can join the course through correspondence or distance learning at various colleges in the country. Most of these colleges/universities do not conduct a common entrance examination for admission. A student requires only to clear their higher secondary exam to seek admission in the course, which is designed to inculcate skill and knowledge in students so that they can understand and imbibe the basics, theoretical aspects, practical knowledge and advanced applications in their professional life. For distance BBA in India, aspirants need to have the following skills to get admission and make the learning process easier for themselves.  

    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Efficient time management skills
    • Sound organisational skills
    • Good teamwork ability
    • Quick decision-making skills
    • Effective problem-solving attitude

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  • Distance BBA Admission & Eligibility Criteria

    Distance BBA Admission & Eligibility Criteria

    Any student who has completed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognised board is eligible for taking admission in a distance BBA in India. While some distance learning universities and colleges accept students with a minimum of 50 percent marks in 10+2 (minimum requirement for students of SC and ST category is only 45 percent marks), some universities and colleges only require students to have passed their qualifying exam for admission.

    Distance BBA Admission Procedure  

    Undeniably, Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most popular undergraduate programmes in the country. Thus, the programme has a pre-defined admission process, which students need to follow to seek admission in one of the top distance learning institutions offering BBA as an undergraduate course.

    All eligible candidates can apply for the Bachelor of Business Administration course in the months of May and June. Since some of the distance learning colleges and universities have their own Common Entrance Examination for admission; students are advised to keep track of the Entrance Exam dates for Distance BBA in India. Candidates seeking admission can easily find the admission and common entrance exam forms on the websites of the respective universities/colleges through both online and offline ways. 

    Some of the prominent colleges like Sikkim Manipal University, Punjab Technical University, Amity School of Distant Learning and Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India provide a correspondence course in Bachelor of Business Administration. Eligibility for Distance BBA course in all these colleges is the same as that for other distance learning colleges – student should have completed higher secondary or equivalent examination from a recognised board. There is no entrance for admission to these institutions and students can enrol themselves directly by filling an application form and submitting the fees.

    Some distance learning institution may conduct an entrance test as their eligibility parameter. These institutions conduct common entrance test for admission into the course. Minimum percentage of marks in Class 12 or higher secondary Examination for eligibility for entrance test vary from institution to institution. Entrance test paper is generally of 2 and a half hours, and it comprises of 100 to 150 questions assessing candidates on the following topics.

    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Verbal Ability
    • General Awareness
    • Business Awareness
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Data Interpretation 

    How is Distance BBA Different From Similar Courses?

    As a BBA aspirant, when you’re searching for Bachelor of Business Administration course, you can come across a few course abbreviations such as BMS, BBM and BBS. None of these is similar; students should note, these are different courses though the difference between all of these courses is very minor and all of them are designed with the purpose of imparting knowledge in various aspects of the business. These courses are sometimes referred to as preparatory courses for Master of Business Administration (MBA).

    Let’s understand the difference –

    BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a course designed to impart knowledge and practical training in various sectors of a company. These sectors include Human Resource, Finance, and Marketing etc.

    BMS stands for Bachelors in Management Studies, it is a course designed to impart knowledge and develop managerial or business management skills among the students. The candidates qualifying BMS are appropriate of business sectors such as Financial Management and Operational Management.

    BBM stands for Bachelor in Business Management and is a course designed to provide knowledge and skills to help sharpen logical and analytical business skills of a student. The course prepares students for management and leadership roles in a company.

    BBS stands for Bachelor in Business Studies and is very close/similar to a BBA course. The only significant difference between the two is, BBA is a theoretical course, with a slight emphasis on practical knowledge and BBS is aimed primarily at the practical knowledge of the business.  

    Best BBA Distance Learning Colleges in India

    There are plenty of colleges/universities that offer distance BBA in India. A small list of Top BBA colleges in India is as follows:

  • BBA Specializations and Job Opportunities

    Distance BBA in India has largely been structured in a manner that students learn the basic management skills right from their college days. The students know an art of effective communication and practical knowledge through specialisation and core business trades. Some of the specialisation trades and benefits of enrolling in them are listed below:

    BBA in Finance

    BBA in Finance prepares candidates for making forecasts and predictions about investment or insurance. The course is compiled to allow students to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in investments, financial engineering, portfolio management and corporate finance. Candidates can pursue distance BBA in finance and enrich their skill. The course prepares students for leadership and managerial roles in banking and finance, and also help them acquire a professional qualification in banking.

    BBA in Finance opens following job opportunities –

    • Financial Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Tax Assistant
    • Treasurer
    • Financial Analyst Consultant
    • Loan counsellor
    • Finance Executive
    • Research analyst 

    BBA in Banking and Insurance

    BBA in Insurance and Banking impart knowledge to students on the concepts and fundamentals used in banking and insurance sectors. The course is designed with the focus on basic management concepts, providing specialised training in

    •  Risk management
    •  Investment banking
    •  Project and infrastructure
    • International banking and insurance
    • Treasury operations

    With a BBA in Business and Insurance, students acquire basic knowledge of insurance and financial markets, which helps students become efficient insurance and financial planners.

    BBA in Business and Insurance opens following job opportunities –

    • Investment Banker
    • Credit and risk manager  
    • Assets Manager   
    • Internal Auditor 
    • Insurance Manager
    • Agent and Broker
    • Investment Analyst
    •  Loan Officer

    BBA in Human Resource

    BBA in Human Resource Management is one of the most popular specialisations amid BBA students. The course prepares students with basic knowledge in personnel management / human resource. Students pursuing distance BBA in HR are well updated with the latest market trends and can find decent placement in Human Resource departments of well-established companies.  

    BBA in Human Resource Management opens following job opportunities – 

    • HR Manager
    • PR Manager
    • IT Recruiter
    • Production Manager
    • Quality Control Manager
    • HR Consultant
    • Recruitment Consultant
    • Regional Manager
    • Business Development Manager

    BBA in Marketing

    BBA in Marketing is a programme focused on enabling students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in understanding changing consumer preferences, evolving business environment and the constant variation in market competition. Since marketing is a necessary business activity, BBA students with marketing as a trade, are preferred for market research analysis, for advertising and promotion and for understanding marketing concepts and pricing for a company.

    BBA in Marketing opens following job opportunities –

    • Production Manager
    • Marketing Executive
    • Advertising Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Market Research Analyst

    BBA in Foreign Trade

    BBA in Foreign Trade is a course designed to help students acquire basic knowledge of international trade aka foreign trade. Students know about the exchange of goods and services and capitals. By teaching subjects such as economics, mathematics and statistics, foreign trade policy, financial management, and principals of business management, distance BBA in India trains students for various roles in banking, accounting and commerce.

    BBA in Foreign Trade opens following job opportunities –

    • Sales and Marketing Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Retail Manager
    • ExportManagerr

    BBA in Logistics Management

    BBA in Logistics Management is a course designed to help students explore the logistics aspect and its overall marketability. The knowledge is imparted through the teaching of business economics, logistics and supply chain management, human resource management, Logistics Information System and Supplier Relationship Management and business computing.

    BBA in Logistics Management opens following job opportunities –

    • Logistics Management Specialists
    • Operation Manager
    • Vendor Development Manager
    • Sourcing Manager
    • Warehousing & Distribution Officer

    BBA in E-Commerce Marketing

    The BBA course in E-Commerce Marketing is designed to provide students with essential technical and management knowledge of all legal aspects of e-commerce and online marketing. Students with a BBA in E-Commerce Marketing are trained enough to be part of the e-business environment straight out of college.

    BBA in E-Commerce Marketing opens following job opportunities -

    • Advertising Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Online Marketing Manager

    Academic opportunities after BBA

    Students who wish to continue their studies after successfully completing their distance BBA in India can choose Masters of Business Administration (MBA) for their post-graduation.A combination of BBA and MBA is generally considered beneficial for a successful career.  Students can also pursue postgraduation in their specialisation trades such as post-graduation in Human Resource Development Management. 

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