Courses for Master degree and fee structure

i wanted to know the criteria for master degree in engineering

Graphic Era University

Started By adita, 1 year ago

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  • Praveen , 1 year ago


    As per the official website of the Graphic Era University, the college provides M.Tech program in various specializations:-

    The fee structure for the M.Tech program:-
    First Year 2017-18 
    Ist semester - 68020
    2nd semester - 55750
    Second Year (2018-19)
    3rd semester- 59650
    4th semester- 62850
    • M.Tech (Computer Science)
    • M.Tech Computer Science Engg (Part Time)
    • M.Tech in (Petroleum Exploration)
    • M.Tech (Bio Informatics)
    • M.Tech (High Performance Computing)
    • M.Tech Structural Engineering
    • M.Tech Geo-Informatics
    • M.Tech Biotechnology
    • M.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engg 
    • M.Tech CAD/CAM/Robotics
    • M.Tech (Geo-Informatics)
    • M. Tech in Computer Network Engg
    • M.Tech (VLSI Design and System)
    • M.Tech (Communication Systems)
    • M.Tech (Control System)
    • M. Sc. (Information Technology

    However, the university has no mentioned the admission details for the M.Tech program, hence, you need to contact college officials individually or keep visit the official website for the relevant information related to M.Tech admission.


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