Career as Cricket Commentator

  • Early Salary : 2 - 3 L
  • Mid Level Salary : 4 - 5 L
  • Senior Salary : 8 - 10 L
  • Education level :
  • Category : Media, Films & Journalism

What is Cricket Commentator?


World Cup 2011 has ushered in a new phase in the world of cricket history. Gone are the days when one had to wait for that perfect breakthrough to get into a state level team to make their final dream of playing for team India a reality. And till the time that dream became a reality, one had to shuffle between their regular lives and the cricket life to maintain balance, unsure if their dream is ever going tomaterialize. But brain masters like Lalit Modi ended this with the Indian Premiere League, with a new age approach to the way the world looked at sports! IPL not only brought with it, huge amounts of money, but a global platform where young, aspiring amateur cricketers could realize their dreams on a global platform and turn it into a career of their lives.

But the popularity of cricket has come as a boon not only to cricket players, but to those who love the game as much and love talking about it too! Yes, we are talking about cricket commentators here. With so many matches (test & one day) and charity matches being held all over the world, the job of a Cricket Commentator is very much in demand. And will rise further, with the way the cricket rage is spreading and gaining momentum commercially.

Typical work schedule
If you are the official commentator of an event like Test Series/ One day, you will be required to be there throughout the match. If you are hosting a show, then you need to be at the studio for recording hours, which is roughly 2 - 3 hours.

What are the steps i should take?

Skills Needed
In-depth knowledge of the cricket world
Good English
Extrovert attitute 
Public communication skills 
Job Aspects How do I get there?

An MBA degree to develop your analytical bent of mind, followed by a Mass Communicatoion degree. 

Pros about this career

    • You become famous • Good money

Cons about this career

    • You need to be an excellent orator, besides having complete knowledge about the game, its players and facts. It is very dangerous to have partial knowledge in this field, for you never know, your ignorance can cause a blunder and a sure shot death of your career. • Being a household name takes time, so when you start out, you need to ensure that you are saying the right things keeping the viewer's attention engaged. • Once you start, be prepared for some drawbacks now and then; you will only be able to rise the ladder in due course of time. Simultaneously, you should have an alternative means of a livelihood to survive through the years.

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