Career as Commercial Pilot

  • Early Salary : 1 - 2 L
  • Mid Level Salary : 5 - 6 L
  • Senior Salary : 8 - 10 L
  • Education level :
  • Category : Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism

What is Commercial Pilot?


A commercial pilot is an aviator who flies an aircraft — an aeroplane that can seat hundreds, a smaller chartered plane, a helicopter or a cargo plane — to ferry passengers or to deliver goods. A pilot must acquire a commercial licence before s/he flies

What are the steps i should take?

Skills Needed

.     Agility and physical fitness
.     Ability to take split-second decisions 
.     Courage to face challenges — this could be anything from very bad weather to a
.     Ability to stay focussed for long hours

Job Aspects How do I get there?

After Plus Two (English, maths and physics), you can undergo a pilot training course from a reputable DGCA-approved institute.

You must be medically fit to apply and must meet the criteria as per the Class I medical assessment rules of the DGCA. It is mandatory to complete 200 hours of flying and to clear theory papers to be eligible to apply for the commercial pilot licence (CPL).

You can also train at any reputable institute in the US or Australia, but clearing the DGCA exams are mandatory for the CPL. After you get the licence, you need to have multi-engine endorsement to apply for an airline job. Once in a job, you get further training on simulators to get the type endorsement (say, from Airbus or Boeing) to be able to work as a co-pilot. This training takes six months to one year after you get the CPL

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