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    This is one of the top five colleges in Jaipur. It has transport facilities, playgrounds, gyms, digital classrooms, and labs. It is situated in the best part of Jaipur and has the best education. The teachers are experienced and it has a good academic environment.

    By Mukesh Lovevanshi
    for Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur
  • Reva Institute, a mixed blessing!

    First of all, the campus is absolutely beautiful. We have a great food court and many canteens literally peppered throughout the campus. There is an awesome open air stage and an indoor auditorium where events keep taking place every once in a while. There are countless labs, research labs, etc. The college timing is from 8:30 am till 4:30pm, with the mandatory 75% attendance. The quality of teaching depends on which professor takes the class. We have some awesome professors who make us love the subjects they teach, and some professors make us fall asleep in class. We also have a freshers' day in the college to welcome the first year students, and we seniors also throw an unofficial freshers party in some popular cafes like sugar factory, pebbles, sutra etc in Bangalore. The college fest this year wasn't so good. Last year, we had SunBurn Campus for 4 days which lasted till 12 in the night. The college has a pretty relaxed atmosphere. We are allowed to use cell phones in the campus, but definitely not in the classrooms and the corridors of the different department blocks. We also have a one day uniform rule. All different departments have a particular colour assigned to them and we are expected to wear them on every Wednesday. We also have couple of stationary stores in the campus and a general store, a salon for the hostelers, and a moderately equipped emergency medical room. The mess food is really great, you get a variety of dishes everyday with no limit on how much you can eat. For the sports lovers, you have couple of basketball courts and a really huge ground for cricket and football. A very friendly and professional sports in- charge is always ready to help you out with any assistance.

    By Nikhil Naik
    for Reva Institute of Technology And Management, Bangalore
  • The worst thing ever happened in my life

    This is the worst among all the other engineering colleges I have seen. There is no infrastructure, no proper teaching, no placements, and no extracurricular activities.

    By Prateek Ny
    for M.S. Engineering College
  • My review of the MS engineering college

    The college is good, and the academics here is also good. There is no ragging in the college. The environment of the college is very peaceful as it is situated in the outskirts of the city. There is no transportation problem here too.

    By Sanjay V Devang
    for M.S. Engineering College
  • PES is an inspiration to all

    It is a good institution and has friendly teachers. The campus is awesome and you can make good friends here. The teachers here are great too. The location of the campus is awesome. The college has many students and the crowd is good overall. The college takes good care of the placements of the students.

    By Shamanth Srinivas
    for PES Institute of Technology
  • MVIT

    MVIT’s canteen is sufficiently large and comfortably accommodates a large number of students without causing much congestion. It’s divided into 3-4 parts; one for the faculty, one with only standees, one with some chairs and tables and so on. The sitting area is a little less and only the lucky students get to eat lunch there. The food is a little inconsistent, what tastes the best today, might be the worst the next day. The juices & milkshakes at the canteen are worth trying.

    By Sushree Nayak
    for Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Bangalore
  • A good college with good facilities

    This government PG college is located near the metro station and is easy to reach. Good sports facilities are available in the college. The campus spreads over a large area provided by the Greater Noida authority. It is a ragging free campus. It has supportive faculty too. There is a student grievance room for the students too.

    By Punit Yadav
    for Government Post Graduate college, Noida
  • Our college is the best

    This college is an epitome of obedience and sincerity. It has a good campus. The teachers are well-educated here. The faculty follows professional ethics. Our college supports the students to take part in extracurricular activities. It makes the students gain more and more knowledge in the technical field.

    By Vyshnavi Sriram
    for Vemana Institute Of Technology
  • One of the best colleges in Goa under Goa University

    Goa College of Engineering has a huge campus. There is a scope for improvement in infrastructure. Each department has its own building and labs. For Mechanical engineering, the college is good. The faculty may appear strict and may pick on you in class, but outside they are extremely helpful. The department is focused on the normal day to day activities and opposes a bit for participation in new events. The workshops held here are really good and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly.

    By Aditya Rivonkar
    for Goa College of Engineering
  • Good college with good facilities

    The college provides good infrastructure and a good teaching staff. It has a good environment for students to study in. The college does not provide ground facilities and sports facilities. It allows students to participate in different activities.

    By Monish Vimar
    for Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering

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