• What are web development courses?

    Web development courses impart knowledge regarding the creation and maintenance of websites. As the design of a website decides its audience, and whether or not people stay on it, most website development courses enable students to get a better understanding of the internet and the techniques required to design a website. Moreover, these courses teach students some basic languages like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Java.

    Towards the completion of web development courses, students learn how to add animation and effects apart from the development and maintenance of websites. The depth of the knowledge imparted depends on the website development course and the institute.  

    Internet and globalisation have made everything go online and stay connected. These days, the World Wide Web is flooded with websites that provide infinite knowledge and convenience to the consumers. Further looking at the recent boost given to the online services like online shopping, net banking, and business development, web development courses are more in demand now than ever before. 

    In addition, students opting for web development courses are made to undertake a live website design project. Further, these courses prepare students with a complete know-how of Web Development Resources and value added services, including graphics, Photoshop, PSD Templates, etc.

    Job Prospects at Diploma Level

    After completing web development courses, one can find suitable job roles in and as web promotion executive, e-commerce site developer, freelance designer, web media designer, website programmer, multimedia designer, flash media designer, web development instructor, design consultant, content writer, digital artist, and digital imaging specialist, among others.

    Pass outs of web development courses can also be absorbed by web consultancies, stock photography companies, web domain providers, hosting service providers, software development companies, web site development firms, web marketing firms, professional websites, website optimisation companies, web advertising agencies, internet marketing companies, educational institutes, financial institutions, etc. 

    Job Prospects at Certification Level

    On successful completion of certificate web development courses, one can be absorbed by reputable national and international IT companies as open source application developers and HTML5 programmers amongst others.

    Also, the pass outs of web development courses can be recruited by advertising agencies and design studios/houses.

    Skill Sets Required

    Those who are planning to pursue web development courses should possess the following:

    Excellent computer skills

    Creativity and passion for technology and design

    Hard work

    Attention to detail

    Team spirit 

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    College has a good name. It’s amongst the best colleges. Education is fair. In my journey I realized the name is more heavy then the education. Don’t really have placements so you really have to be good on your own. Otherwise campus is good. Faculty is okay.
  • At the Diploma Level

    Web development courses at the diploma level are designed to provide the requisite skills and information needed to work on various software tools available for designing websites.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Candidates must have passed the 10+2 exams from any recognised board to be eligible for admission to web development courses.

    Admission Process

    One can apply to any institute offering web development courses through their website or by visiting the institute in person.

    Duration, Delivery Type and Fee Structure

    The duration and fees of web development courses vary from institute to institute. 



    Delivery Type


    Fee Structure

    Internet Academy, Bangalore

    1) Web Development Course

    2) Web Design Course

    Full-time classroom

    1.5 - 2 months

    1) INR 25,000

    2) INR 20,000

    Graphic Camp, Bangalore

    1) Web Designing Course

    Full-time classroom

    Consists of two semesters which span over 120 hours

    INR 55,000

    HTML Den, Bangalore

    Web Developer Training

    Full-time classroom

    18 weeks

    INR 40,000

    Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

    Graduate Diploma in Graphic and Web Design

    Full-time classroom

    1 year


    Aptech Computer Education,

    Aptech Certified Web Developer (ACWD)

    Full-time classroom

    6 months

    INR 29,900-41,000

    Wed Development Institute, Delhi

    Web Master - Web Design and Web Development Course

    Full-time classroom

    1 year

    INR 30,000-60,000

    Universal Computer Art, Thane

    Web Development

    Full-time classroom

    2 months

    INR 30,000


  • At the Certificate Level

    Eligibility Criteria

    A candidate must have passed the 10+2 examination from a recognized board to enrol into the web development certification courses.

    Admission Process

    For admission, one can apply online or in person with the institutes offering web development courses at the certificate level. 

    Duration, Delivery Type and Fee Structure

    The duration and fee structure of institutes offering web development courses vary from institute to institute. Below mentioned are the details of a few popular ones:



    Delivery Type


    Fee Structure

    Aptech Computer Education

    Aptech Certified Web Developer course

    Full-time classroom

    6 months

    Ranges between INR 29,000 to 41,000

    AIIT, Pune 

    Web Design Certificate course

    Full-time classroom

    120 hours for Learning and Assessment. 12 weeks (3 months); 6 days/week; 2 hours/day


    Around INR 30,000

    Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

    Certificate program in Web Design

    Full-time classroom

    6 months

    Around INR 30,000


  • Specialisations: HTML5, Element Grouping, Database Integration and JavaScript

    The areas of specialisation offered under web development courses at the diploma level include web development and/ or web design.    

    If a student is looking for something, which covers a chunk of the web developing, go for specialisation in HTML, CSS, JS and AngularJS. One can also choose over front-end and back-end and mobile hybrid development. If opting for mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the student can gain proficiency in variables, arrays, loops, events and functions. In addition, one can build on the use of functions, event control, array processing, and DOM manipulation.

    Once through with this course, a student can expect to have a strong hold in creating a web page using HTML elements, able to apply CSS (style sheet rules) to parts of the web page, for altering display and behaviour and would be able to program interactive JavaScript in a web page.

    In web development and designing, students can also opt for in-depth understanding of HTML Form Basics, handling file upload, element grouping,  modules, learning the use of a code editor for JavaScript, variables, handling bugs, logical operators, arrays, generating random numbers, learning to locate nodes, creating and adding nodes, deleting nodes, cloning nodes.

    If you choose to master in front-end web UI frameworks and tools, the student would have a strong understanding of client-side web frameworks, especially in bootstrap. Here, one would learn grids and responsive design, bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components. In addition, you can gain over CSS pre-processors, Less and Sass.

    This will give you a hold on your setup designing, styling a web page using bootstrap and its components, creating a responsive web page design, and ability to make the right use of web tools to setup and manage web sites. 

    The other area where you can claim your mastery is in front-end JavaScript Frameworks, here one can specialise in developing multi platform mobile applications using the Web skills, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, that one has already acquired so far in the previous courses of this specialisation. There are this fastest growing mobile application frameworks, that is built with mobile-optimized HTML5 and CSS based components and AngularJS. Here, one can learn about UI development with Ionic and then use Cordova's modules to access the native mobile platform's capabilities from JavaScript. By this, one would have already completed the Bootstrap and the AngularJS courses in this specialisation before proceeding with this course. On the other side, you would possess sufficient knowledge of Bootstrap and AngularJS before you proceed with this course.

    One can build upon mobile applications targeting multiple platforms with a single codebase, leverage your HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Angular JS skills and use various features of the ionic framework to build hybrid mobile applications. 

    The server-side development also has a huge career opportunity, where it deals with all things related to server-side. It focuses on the entire course around the NodeJS platform.

    Students can also hold expertise In designing a portfolio website with collaborative blogging functionality, An interactive, real-time, multi user music remixing system, An interactive, online graffiti wall where users can collaborate to create graphics and an interactive data visualisation platform for exploring and plotting big data in exciting ways.

    Mastering the animated data visualizations and graphics using advanced user interface libraries such Work with external data sources, Create a multi user, real-time, collaborative environments and use media APIs such as the Web Audio API.


    Mastering HTML is the basic requirement to be a great web developer. One can focus on the different aspects of the web development that is HTML5. This higher version has better features and getting hold of this software adds to the job prospects.

    Element Grouping

    Individuals can also work on developing a strong craft in element grouping. In addition, specializing in multimedia standards, business fundamentals, and emerging technologies, as well as advanced principles of web page layout

    Database Integration

    The aspirants can also work on getting a strong understanding of database integration. Here, the individual takes care of data and integrates data across these applicants


    Java scripting forms the crux of web developing. One can specialise also in architect, designing and site building that improves users’ functionality and aesthetic requirements. 

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